“We want to be the key to our customers’ satisfaction. Everything we do is based on our deep trust in the people we work with. We realise that trust is the pillar of a successful partnership.”

Tomáš Pavlík, MBA


Helping managers in manufacturing companies find the right solutions for quality control processes.

  • Accredited calibration laboratory,
  • sale of hand gauges,
  • sale of measuring machines,
  • installation and service of measuring equipment,
  • measuring services.
  • Reliability – We achieve up to 99.9% reliability for our customers.
  • Traceability – Each product is inspected and inspection data is stored in the application.
  • Continuous control – The system works 24/7 and reduces HR costs.
  • Experienced AI solutions and automation providers have joined together under our leadership.

Powered by QPAG Digital with our partner 24 Vision.

  • Sorting and quality control,
  • assembly and minor rework of parts,
  • measurement and testing of products,
  • technical cleanliness,
  • consultation, training, audits, resident activities.
  • In accordance with ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016
  • We bring mutual benefit
  • We minimize barriers between healthy and disabled people
  • Permanent Placement – Filling positions in the client’s team, from entry-level positions to mid-level management.
  • Staffing / Agency Employment – Temporary placement of an employee of an employment agency to work for an employer (client) on the basis of an employment contract or also in the form of an agreement on working activity.
  • Recruitement of foreign workers – Targeted recruitment from a predefined country, providing all necessary documents and coordinating the recruitment process directly abroad.

We are a supplier of multi-purpose measuring machines, single purpose machines, assembly lines, custom workshop gauges and fixtures.

We also design and manufacture other industrial equipment and structures according to the customer’s specifications.

Companies in QPAG group

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Calibrations, sales and service of hand gauges and 3D measuring systems, custom measurement services.

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Measurement services, training and audits, quality control, technical cleanliness services.

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Sheltered workshops, services in facultative compensation.

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Automation and digitalization of quality control and production.

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Recruitment Centre and Personnel Services.

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Services in the design of measuring instruments, multi-purpose measuring machines, production of other technological equipment and structures.

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